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The price for Exodermin cream is € 39. There is also a promotion that gives a 50% discount on the first purchase of the product.

Exodermin is a cream for all types of fungi, which not only eliminates the first symptoms of mycosis, but also nourishes the tissues with beneficial substances that help maintain the protective properties of the epidermis and strengthen the immune system. Mycosis most often occurs on the feet or toenails. This leads to the emergence of an infectious process that has several forms, characterized by different symptoms.

To accurately determine the fungus on the skin and nails, you need to undergo laboratory tests, as the problem may be in the non-fungal deformation of the epidermis.

> zxtd colspan = "4" align = "center" height = "50" >Forms of fungus on the toes
scaly Shape between the toes Dehydrated Heavy
  • Itching and flaking
  • Thickening and damage to the skin
  • Cracks between the toes
  • Itching, burning and unpleasant odor
  • The appearance of splits
  • Bubbles of fluid on the lower, side and folds of the legs
  • Redness of the skin
  • Swelling of the affected areas
  • Bubbles
  • Adding secondary infections

The causes of mycosis

wearing tight shoes is the cause of ringworm

The fungus often develops in connection with the peculiarities of people's professional activities and improper care of the skin of the feet. Some of the reasons:

  1. Work in damp or damp rooms (greenhouses, greenhouses), wearing rubber gloves or shoes.
  2. Lack of nail care, neglect of daily hygiene procedures.
  3. Professional sport.
  4. Choosing inappropriate shoes - wearing tight or narrow shoes with the wrong size or made of artificial materials.

If left untreated, complications can occur:

  1. Hardening of the epidermis.A horny layer of 1-3 cm will appear on the skin, which will interfere with free movement, will cause pain and discomfort.
  2. Cracking.They are caused by thinning or dry skin and are a gateway to infections.
  3. Bubbles.These are blisters filled with inflammatory fluid that appear where shoes are pressed or rubbed. Spontaneous rupture causes burning pain, unprotected skin, which increases the risk of spreading the fungus throughout the leg.
  4. Development of onychomycosis.It is a fungal infection of the nail plate and surrounding structures caused by pathogenic fungal microflora.

Expected effect of Exodermin cream

The manufacturer claims that in just 4 weeks of daily use of Exodermin cream you can get a complete result from the removal of mycosis, which includes:

  1. Nail plate restoration.
  2. Improve nail color and shape.
  3. Exfoliation of keratinized skin particles.
  4. Getting rid of bumps and white spots on the nail.
  5. Eliminate itching and burning.
  6. Elimination of the inflammatory process.
  7. Disappearance of unpleasant odor.
  8. Remove blisters and thicken the skin of the feet.

The development of mycosis takes place in 3 main stages:

Stage 1:itching, odor and discomfort in the affected area.

Stage 2:the appearance of deep cracks, increased itching, yellowing and brittleness of the fingernails, death of the skin, the appearance of pain when walking.

Stage 3:the presence of large itchy areas with deep cracks, sharp pain, loss of nails and skin, fungus.

The difference between the action of the cream Exodermin from analogues:

  1. The cream covers the skin with a protective layer that does not allow moisture. Due to the stability of the cream, the spores of the fungus are exposed to it for 20 hours.
  2. Exodermin cream is able to penetrate deep into the skin and eliminate fungi, as well as inflammation and pathogenic microflora.
  3. The components of the drug allow you to create a natural immunity against fungal microflora, which reduces the risk of recurrence of mycosis to zero.
  4. The action of Exodermin has been proven in more than 300 studies in various research institutes in Europe.

Elements of the composition of the cream Exodermin

Exodermin cream contains only natural and ecological ingredients:

How and where you can buy Exodermin cream

The product can be ordered on the official website of Slovenia at a good price of € 39 — find out the price in other countries. Exodermin gel is freely available, as Slovenia trusts the manufacturer's products. There is currently a promotion for which you can buy goods with a 50% discount. Hurry up to buy a product.

Doctor's review

Doctor dermatologist Nika Nika
24 years old
The efficacy of Exodermin has been demonstrated in numerous studies in more than 150, 000 patients. The main advantage of the cream is its natural composition and complete cure of fungal infection quickly and without risk of recurrence. I recommend Exodermin to my patients as a good and cheap remedy for fungal infections that will help them forget about this problem once and for all. You can buy the cream in Slovenia.